FAWM? No it isn’t.

February is album writing month! No it isn’t.  

Just ship it! No, please don’t. 

50/90? No, no, no, 0.5555555 times no.

I get it – the idea is to have confidence in your work and not be so worried about imperfections that it never gets out the door. And also to get some songs finished rather than having them languish while you add yet more ideas and half-done projects into the funnel. Guilty!

However, these “get it out of the door” challenges generally promote derivativism, tediousness, cliches and rhyme crime. The opposite of what SongExpresso stands for!

Expresso can be quick; but it must always be rich. With the best ingredients we can find…

Our aim on here is to take some time and get some inspiration to make those songs as perfect as we can get them – and at the very least to make us feel we’ve given them everything we’ve got. To produce lyrics that are thoughtful, colorful and attention-grabbing. To get those songs out of the door – but in the right way.

If you need a middle eight, or even just a non-awkward-sounding word, SongExpresso won’t let you hack something together – let’s take some time, smell the coffee and get it right…

It’s like having yet another Expresso when you don’t want one (there is a limit even to that).

The “write a little bit every day” challenge? Yes, it’s like the “have a coffee for breakfast challenge” – let’s sign up for that.

Do you disagree? Do you think these challenges are useful even if just as a means to an end and not an end in themselves? Let me know…